EMG / NCV nerve testiing

What is an EMG or NCV?

  • These are commonly preformed procedures that are a direct extension of the physical examination. They detect nerve and muscle disorders.
  • An EMG specifically tests the electrical activity of the muscles. Disposable pin electrodes are inserted into the muscle to record their activity.
  • A NCV specifically tests how well signals travel along a nerve and the time it takes muscle to respond to these signals. Stimulating and recording electrodes are used on the surface of the skin.

Why should I have these procedures?

  • To evaluate the causes of numbness, tingling, pain, weakness, fatigue, spasms, and paralysis.
  • To diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome, muscular dystrophy, fatigue, myasthenia gravis, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), and pinched nerves.
  • To determine if the problem involves the muscles, nerves, spinal cord or brain.

How do I prepare for these tests?

  • Shower on the day of your test to remove body oils.
  • Do not use any bath oils, lotions, or creams after you shower. Oils can interfere with the performance of your test.
  • Eat your normal meals.
  • Report all medication, especially blood thinners.
  • Report if you have diabetes, hemophilia, pacemaker or a skin infection.
  • RELAX. Tension and anxiety can interfere with your test.

What should I expect at Dr. Martin’s office?

  • Arrive in plenty of time to fill out forms and to answer all of your questions.
  • Dr. Martin will take your medical history. You will be asked to describe symptoms, past illnesses and accidents.
  • The whole office visit should take approximately 2 hours.

Common Questions and Answers:

  • Does an EMG hurt? The procedure is uncomfortable, but not extremely painful. Most people tolerate this minor level of pain quite well.
  • Is the stimulus given during a NCV painful? Most people feel an unusual tingling sensation. Some may experience slight, temporary pain or discomfort.
  • How do I pay for these tests? Most health insurance, worker compensation and third-party liability claims cover the costs of these tests. Your benefits will already be verified before you visit Dr. Martin's office.
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