Insurance Education

Personal Insurance Carriers:

Most doctors offices are contracted with many different insurance companies, therefore it is very important for our patients to familiarize themselves with the following facts on there policy.

  1. Yearly deductible?
  2. Per-visit Copayment?
  3. Per-visit and per procedure percentage cost?
  4. Maximum allowed per year per provider or specialty?
  5. Is your doctor a contracted provider? (See New Patients tab + Payments Options tab for a list of contracted Insurance company's).

Worker's Compensation:

All Worker's Compensation Claims are subject to a 21 day review by your Worker's Compensation Carrier,during this time they will accept or deny the claim according to the information provided.

21 day review period for claim acceptance! Please be advised that if you are treated during the 21 review period and your Worker's Compensation Carrier denies your claim, you will be responsible for all fees for treatment of your injuries.

What if my case is denied by my Worker's Compensation Carrier? If your case is denied and you retain personal health insurance, and if you choose, you may have the option to bill your personal insurance company for your charges. All Co-pays and deductibles will apply in this case.

If you are denied and you have no personal insurance coverage. If your case is denied by your Worker's Compensation Carrier and you do not retain personal health insurance you will be responsible for all charges for treatment of your injuries at the time of service.

Personal Injurie ( ie: Auto Accidents):

Our office does  accept 3rd party auto insurance claims. This means we do accept attorney liens for payment.

We will accept your personal insurance, time of service payment and Med-Payment under your auto insurance policy which we will bill for you. Under your insurance policy options allowable maximum payment is limited under the Med-payment option, the patient is responsible for treatment cost that exceeds the insurance limits, a second party can be billed once your primary limits have been maxed.

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